Enclosed Trailer
Security System

Now you can have peace of mind your tools and/or valuables are protected with this enclosed trailer security system. The security system along with a battery back-up is installed in its own housing located in the enclosed trailer. The battery back-up can maintain the system up to a couple of weeks at a time. System comes with a trickle charge hook up in order to trickle charge the system with your own charger. If owner wishes, this can be eliminated with the trickle charge option below.

The system has the following features:

  • Two, micro 2 button remote transmitters that control the security system.
  • Parking light flash to give you a visual verification of the systems status.
  • Exterior mounted red warning light to warn off would-be thieves or vandals.
  • Dual stage shock sensor to detect hitch hook up, trailer jacking, vandalism, etc.
  • All points of entry protection available (2 point standard)
  • Arm and disarm chirp can be muted via remote control.
  • 120 decibel siren sounds for one minute upon being triggered.
  • On board battery to control system.

    $349.90 Installed
    Reg. Price $449.90
    plus Sales Tax on Merchandise
    Average Install Time = less than 3 hours

    Remote for Trailer Security System

    Enclosed Trailer Security System Options:

    *Additional Door Switches:
    Although the system comes with two points of entry, if your trailer has more than two doors you may need to add additional switches. Switches used are magnetic, mercury and/or pin switches depending on the application.
    Cost to You: $30.00 Installed

    *Trickle Charge Option:
    The battery back-up can maintain the system up to a couple of weeks at a time. In order to trickle charge the battery during tow, a fused power lead is installed from the towing vehicle to accomplish this. Therefore the towing vehicle must be present at the time of installation.
    Cost to You: $50.00 Installed


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