Mercedes SmartKey Starter By Mid City Engineering

  • Integrated to Factory Key Fob Panic button*
  • All factory features remain the same
  • No additional Factory key(s) needed
  • 15 Minute runtime, then vehicle shuts down
  • Doors remain locked when running
  • Vehicle lights flash to confirm run cycle
  • Valet switch to turn system on or off
  • Run-time visible on dash (most models)
  • Works on hybrids and diesels
  • Works on keyless and keyless go models
  • 4-Year Warranty   view warranty
  • Available for 2003 models and up (See Below)

    $888 Installed

            Year                            Model

2003-2014               C
2004-2013              E Sedan, CLK, CLS
2005-2013             SLK          
2006-2013               ML
2007-2013             S
2008-2014             GLK
2010-2013              E Coupe                                                                                         2004-2013 G         2006-2013 GL                         2002-2013 CL                  2006-2012 R       2003-2012 SL

* = Press panic to start vehicle or press and hold to activate your panic function


SmartKey Options:
Drone Mobile Start
Start your Mercedes from your Android,
I-phone, or Blackberry smartphone.  You can
even start your vehicle from any Internet
$50/year the following the free 90-day period.

$298 Installed

  • Unlimited vehicle contacts
  • Operates locks and trunk
  • Works through any web browser
  • Starts from any distance
  • Optional window and convertible control
  • Optional locate and tracking
    (Steps up to $119.99/year from the standard $29.99)

SS:MB warranty.jpg
Four Year Limited Warranty

The Selling Mercedes-Benz Dealer warrants to the original purchaser that this product shall be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and circumstances for the period of (4) four years from the date of purchase.

Upon proper evaluation, the Selling Mercedes-Benz dealer will, at its option, repair or replace the product.
The Selling Mercedes-Benz Dealer is not responsible or liable for any damages whatsoever, including but not limited to any consequential damages, incidental damages, damages for loss of time, loss of earnings, commercial loss, loss of economic opportunity and the like that may or may not have resulted from the installation or operation of the SmartKey Starter. Not withstanding the above, The Selling Mercedes-Benz dealer does offer a limited warranty to replace or repair the control module as described above.
The product warranty is automatically void if the date code and/or serial number is defaced, missing, or altered or product is tampered with. This product should only be serviced by a Mercedes-Benz Dealer who is on the program for the SmartKey Starter.



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