Ford truck (or any other vehicle) door lock motor repair

As you may know the door motors in many Ford trucks fail and will not have enough power to lock or unlock the door(s). This is commonly found on the 97-03 F-150s & Expeditions. You will also find some of these failing door motors on Ford Super Duties, Excursions, pre-2000 Taurus, & pre-2003 Explorers.

If your truck door locks are failing give us a call we will come out and have you back in business. If you have a factory door lock motor issue on most any vehicle, we can help at a fraction of the price of the dealer.

2000 Ford F-150, Door Motor Replaced

$70.00 each Installed*  

Average Install Time= less than 1hour

* = North of I-70, East of 291 Hwy, or West of 69 Hwy, a mobile fee will apply.


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