We now have the Keypad Keyless Entry System as well as the standard-popular Remote Keyless Entry System.  Check them both out below! 

Remote Keyless Entry System                                     Donít have keyless entry on your vehicle? This new Avital Keyless Entry System allows you to lock and unlock your existing power door locks by a push of a button. For visual verification, your parking lights will illuminate to confirm the system status. This system is excellent for the safety it offers in allowing you to enter your vehicle quickly with no hassles. The two remote system comes with a lifetime-warranty on the unit in the vehicle and a one-year warranty on the remotes and labor. *The single remote system carries a one-year warranty on the unit, remote, and labor.

Keyless Entry System Remote(s)

$129.90 Installed w/ 1 Remote*
$149.90 Installed w/ 2 Remotes

Average Install Time = less than 1 hour

Remote Keyless Entry System Options:
~Trunk/Hatch Pop:
This option releases your existing electric trunk or hatch with the trunk button on your remote control. This option will pay for itself the first time you go grocery shopping.
Price: $20.00 Installed

~Progressive Unlock:
This option allows user to unlock just their drivers door with the first push of the unlock button and with a 2nd push, the passenger doors will unlock.  Nice for when you can't see who may run up on your passenger door & enter your vehicle.
Price: $20.00 Installed (most vehicles)

~Dome light Supervision:
This option turns the vehicle's interior lights on for 30 seconds upon disarming / unlocking the vehicle's doors by remote control.  A great feature for that added bit of night-time peace of mind.
Price: $15.00 Installed

~Security LED:
With this package you get a red warning light on your dash that begins to flash when you lock your vehicle by remote. Great for warning off would-be thieves. 
Price: $10.00 Installed

~Horn Honk:
This option allows the owner to have audible horn confirmation upon locking & unlocking the doors. With this option you will also have the ability to activate the vehicles horn and parking lights in a panic situation.
Price: FREE (most vehicles)

Keypad Keyless Entry System                                     Have you always wanted to unlock (or lock) your doors by a keypad located on the exterior of your vehicle?  Now you can with this weatherproof exterior mounted keypad.  The control module is mounted out of the weather in the vehicle.  The keypad has illuminated buttons to assist at night time.  Vehicle's parking lights flash to give a visual confirmation of the locking and unlocking doors.  The replaceable 3-volt battery in the exterior keypad lasts approximately two-years.  System comes preprogrammed with a 4-digit code but your personal 3-7 digit code can be programmed into the system.

Keypad Keyless Entry System

$199.90 Installed

Average Install Time = less than 1 hour

Keypad Keyless Entry System Options:
~Trunk/Hatch Pop:
This option releases your existing electric trunk or hatch upon entering your code into the keypad. 
Price: $20.00 Installed

~Remote Transmitter:
This option allows you to turn your keypad keyless into a remote keyless as well.  The keypad keyless entry system only allows 1 remote transmitter to be programmed into the system.
Price: $30.00 Installed


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