GPS Tracking System

This GPS vehicle tracking device is designed to give the owner peace of mind in regards to their vehicles whereabouts and the speed it may be traveling. In addition to the accurate information you can view from any internet location, you also have the ability to disable the vehicles starter OR unlock the power locks on most vehicles. When the door-unlocking feature is chosen instead of the starter disable, you can also unlock the doors from your cell phone.

~ Teen tracking for their whereabouts and driving habits
~ Tracking your vehicle and disable starter if stolen
~ Tracking your RV, ATV, tractor trailer, or commercial vehicles
~ Owner financed assets can be disabled & located if payments default
~ Gathering information on the when & where of your vehicle

Gathering information is easy even if you don’t want to set at your computer. Be it employee tracking, teenage tracking, or spouse tracking, with geo-fencing you simply decide where you want your invisible fence and when the vehicle passes thru your boundary you are instantly notified by email or text message.

There are NO monthly fees or contracts. This vehicle tracking device comes with 500 commands also known as trak’s. A command is a single request such as locating the vehicle, unlocking doors, disabling the starter, or receiving information about your geo-fencing. Upon depleting your initial 500 commands you may purchase more commands at the tracking website. All installations take place at your convenience anywhere in the Kansas City Metro Area. Here’s an outline of the systems features:

  • On-Demand Locating
    Allows owners at anytime to quickly and easily locate their vehicle by simply logging into the website and pressing the locate button.

  • Unlock Door
    Allows users to unlock the vehicle car door via the Internet and/or through the trakSMS™ function (cell phone text message). This option cannot be used in conjunction with starter disable.

  • Starter Disable/Enable
    Owners can send a command to prevent the vehicle from being started at any time. This allows owners to regain control of their vehicle and prevent damage from happening. The vehicle will not disable while in motion.

  • State-of-the-Art Mapping and Imaging
    Full functionality views allow users to see their vehicle in map view, satellite aerial and hybrid view, which is the Satellite aerial image with the roads listed.

  • Real-Time Alerts and Notifications
    Speed Alarms
    This feature allows users to set excessive speed thresholds of 75 and 85 mph. If the vehicle exceeds the speed threshold, a real time alert is sent via text (SMS) message and/or e-mail. A message is also stored in the vehicle history.

    Geo Fence Alarms
    Allows users to set up six geo fences (electronic boundaries) around user defined areas. If the vehicle travels into or out of these electronic boundaries, a real time alert is sent via text (SMS) message and/or e-mail. A message is also stored in the vehicle history.

$388.00 Installed
Reg. Price $449.95
Average Install Time = 1 hour


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