Back-up Sensors and Cameras

>> Back-up Sensors: Backing up made easy

>> Back-up Camera: Stay focused on what's important.



Back-up Sensors

Back-up Collision Avoidance System

It's here! Back-up with confidence. No more wishing your vehicle came with a back-up assist system, now you can have one. The dash mounted warning display allows the user to determine in feet/inches or with a succession of beeps how close they are to an object, all done with state of the art ultrasonic sensor technology.

Back-up System integrates into your bumper

Professional installation with your sensors installed and spaced perfectly.

$298.00 Installed
Reg. Price $399.95
Average Install Time= less than 3 hours

Back-up Camera

Now you can back-up to that trailer by yourself, perfectly the first time. The Plate cam is designed to automatically come on when your vehicle is put into reverse. A universal 3.5" color screen is utilized for viewing behind the vehicle.     

              PEACE OF MIND          NO MORE BLIND SPOT

  • 3.5" full-color TFT reverse image monitor
  • Comes on automatically when you go into reverse
  • Grid Lines can be programmed on or off
  • Universal windshield monitor mounting bracket
  • Easy-to-operate push-button monitor controls
  • Auxiliary input for viewing Baby Cam or DVD source
  • This is not a wireless system, so there's never a compromised video signal / image.

Camera integrated into license plate frame

$388.00 Installed
Reg. Price $499.95
Average Install Time= less than 2 hours


Rearview Mirror Integration:
Upgrade from the separate 3.5" screen above to this rearview mirror with a 4.3" color screen built in.  Has 2 video inputs, one for backup camera turn on and one for a future dvd, baby cam, or navigation video feed.  Mirror may not work if you have OnStar built in to your existing mirror.
Price: $60.00 Upgrade



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